The Hammock Chair by Benjamin Hubert is a Comfy Seating Alternative

The hammock chair by British designer Benjamin Hubert offers a cozy alternative to regular seating. As hammock lovers know, there's no better way to relax than with a good old fashioned hammock lounging. This intriguing design takes all the comfort of a hammock and combines it with the structure of a chair.

Hubert calls his comfortable creation 'Cradle,' which seems appropriate since it sort of cradles the person using it. Cradle has a stylish appearance. It's gray with a large red cushion, so it will blend perfectly into any modern home. The hammock portion of this intriguing chair looks much like a net and makes for a comfy chair backing.

This clever seating creation is essentially combining a hammock and a reclining chair, and the result is next level comfortable seating.