The Great American Cereal Book is Shaped like a Box

 - Apr 15, 2012
References: amazon & wired
The Great American Cereal Book is a homage to one of the sweetest, crunchiest foods to grace the breakfast table.

Many argue that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and that it plays a vital role in improving metabolism and giving a much-needed energy boost on unbearably early mornings. Despite the many variations on the first meal of the day, from scarfing down a muffin on the fly to having a full-out bacon and eggs feast, there are few people who could attest to never munching away on a bowl of crunchy cereal.

Cataloging over 400 variations of the morning meal that have taken a dive in bowls of milk over the last 150 years, the book takes on the look and feel of a box of the crispy meal, and is a hyper-intensive look at the breakfast food.