The Free Tempurpedic Bed Project

 - Apr 4, 2007
References: uncoolcentral
Everyone's seen those Tempurpedic bed commercials, right? The one about the bed made from NASA foam that's supposed to be the best bed you can sleep on and they offer a free sample and video? Well there's this dude in Athens, Ohio whose dream is own one of those beds. He's going to make one for free out of samples he obtains from the good people of the Internet. How can you help him achieve his dream? Well, you send away for the tempurpedic foam sample and video the company gives away for free, then when it arrives, write something cool on it and mail it to him. His address can be found here along with a link to the tempurpedic people. He's promised to post every piece of foam he receives that's written on, so make sure to put your mark on it before you send it out. People, please help out this dude, he's ballsy enough to come up with the idea and it's his dream, so make it happen!