'The Forest Dragon' was Designed by a Nine-Year-Old Boy

 - Dec 2, 2016
References: kickstarter
'The Forest Dragon' is an adventure board game with a unique lead designer. Rory, the creative mind behind the game, is somewhat younger than most other game designers -- in fact, he's just nine years old.

'The Forest Dragon' came about thanks to Rory's creativity and his dad's expertise. Jon Hodgson, Rory's father, is the creative director for the UK games company Cubicle 7. When Rory described his idea for a board game to Jon, the idea seemed to be not just feasible, but fun too. So the pair set to work creating the game, and the result is a test of luck, skill, and adventure.

The cards and artwork in 'The Forest Dragon' are all drawn by Rory and his younger brother, Ben.