The Fliege Supergiro by Daniel Kocyba Updates the Personal Helicopter

 - Apr 10, 2011
References: kocyba
The Fliege Supergiro is an innovative sport gyrocopter concept designed by Daniel Kocyba for adventurous individuals. Inspired by motorcycles and sport cars, the sport gyrocopter is built around a triangular aluminium frame that keeps the Fliege Supergiro lightweight and durable.

Featuring an aesthetically pleasing design, the Fliege Supergiro is fitted with every important component you'd expect of a personal helicopter, from rotors and wings to side bags and seat shells. The pilot's helmet can project the necessary instruments to ensure maximum safety, and all controls are designed with simplicity and maximum maneuverability in mind.

The Fliege Supergiro allows the owner use either a combustion motor or an electric motor. Daniel Kocyba's sport gyrocopter is a true must-have for an adventurous expedition.