The Fallen Ones by Ruadh DeLone is Full of Sadness and Weariness

 - Jan 10, 2014
Photographer Ruadh DeLone is known for his surreal photography and his latest series, The Fallen Ones, upholds this streak. Yet again focusing on children, he strays away from period and playful themes for something a little more serious. His subjects appear to have been the victim of some horribly scarring event.

The Fallen Ones photo series depicts children with marred faces. Sad and weary, they stare at the camera while a mix of mistrust and hopefulness that will go straight through anyone's heart. Captured in an all-white backdrop with bright pristine lighting, the images are pretty angelic for all of its sad implications. As its title suggests, The Fallen Ones could easily be viewed as capturing a slew of fallen angels.