The 'FaceShift Studio' Experiment by Kyle McDonald is Futuristic

At the forefront of at-home technology, the 'FaceShift Studio' Experiment by Kyle McDonald provides instruction for recreating facial expression captures yourself.

Kyle McDonald is a media artist with a computer science background who works with coding and engineering initiatives. He creates work that is boundary pushing in its advances and even goes so far as to challenge his viewers to create with him. This tutorial on FaceShift is a grand example of his collaborative ethos.

Using Kinect to scan and generate a visual of your face, FaceMesh is able to recreate your movement on screen as they happen in real time. "The model is so precise that besides capturing your facial expressions extremely well it is also capturing your eye movement," says Creative Applications of the device.

The tutorial aspect of the this futuristic technology adds to the open-sourced aspect of the artist's superb work.