‘The Entire Cat Population is My Best Friend’ Sweater is Insane

 - Jul 26, 2012
References: theballetcats
Show how much you appreciate the beautiful relationship you share with your noble feline companion with a ‘The Entire Cat Population is My Best Friend’ sweater.

While some individuals may say your infatuation with cats borders on insanity, those individuals obviously do not understand what true devotion and love is. For you, the terms "stalking" and "devoted" are interchangeable, as they both selflessly profess love, loyalty and well-intentioned interest to your clawed counterpart.

Who best to understand your woes than Mr. Wiggles, Snowball or Fluffy? For some, the answer is not many. For individuals training to assume identifiers like crazy cat lady, hermit or introverted recluse, the The Entire Cat Population is My Best Friend sweater is a surefire way to get the masses running in the opposite direction.

Although a majority of the population may not understand the tight bond you share with Mr. Whiskers, this blunt best friend-stating sweater will reassure neighborhood cats of your devotion.