The Carolyn Garcia Walkway Concept Definitely Stands Above the Crowd

 - Feb 11, 2010
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How many times have you been in your crowded city center, shoulder to shoulder, with people wishing you could just fly over them to get to your destination? I’ll bet every day, and it seems the people of Lyon, France may get a solution to this soon. The Carolyn Garcia Walkway Concept, the Centre d’Echanges de Perrache, literally bridges all of the major parts of the city together, making it effortless to get from one urban center to the other.

However, just a concept right now, the Carolyn Garcia Walkway Concept is a brilliant design that would really help break up the congestion of foot traffic. Since we can’t make the sidewalks any bigger, we have to start building vertical and Garcia’s design is the perfect idea.