John Mayer Likes to Make Sexy Time

 - Feb 7, 2008
References: huffingtonpost
Oh My! John Mayer showed his sense of humour, and a whole lot more, to fans on the Mayercraft Carrier, a cruise arranged by John Mayer and full of his fans. The singer-songwriter donned a neon green swimsuit identical to the infamous Borat swimsuit.

A fan that was on the cruise describes the strange event, "Someone brought up a wad of bright green fabric, which turned out to be a replica of the bathing suit/man thong that Borat wears in the movie. Un-freaking-real. So we're all hooting and hollering and egging him on, and.... he puts on the effing suit. Yes, folks, I witnessed John Mayer in a man thong. It pretty much made my life." (

UPDATE - This fan has become famous because of these pictures. She's being interviewed by TV shows and getting offers from magazines for the right to use the pictures! I added a video of her interview. Her section starts after one minute. Enjoy.