From the Revealing Monokini to Body Suit Day Fashion

 - Jun 23, 2009
Fretting over bikini season? Well you can leave your two-piece in the drawer another year, because for Summer 2009, it’s all about the one-piece bathing suit.

Wait, you wanted to flaunt your bod? That’s still no prob thanks to innovations like the monokini which still show plenty of flesh, including stomach and back. The only down side is the resulting tan lines… but maybe that will become a fashion statement in itself, who knows?

And for those who can’t get enough of their bathing suit, the bodysuit has made its way back into day wear thanks to daring fashionistas like Lady Gaga.

So here they are, from the monokini to the infamous Borat bathing suit (we couldn’t leave you out, gents), beach-worthy one-pieces to kick off Summer 2009.