Erosie and C100 Present 'The Art of Rebellion #3'

 - Dec 5, 2009   Updated: Aug 17 2011
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In his new book “Erosie - Part Of Rebellion #3,” the author C100 presents the work of a leading European street artist. The Dutch graffiti artist Erosie is known for his smart, clever typographic graffiti.

Check out some of his latest stunning artwork in the gallery above, like his new poster “You Have One New Message.” Erosie's works truly touch the mind; his method of gambling with letters and colors is really impressive.

Implications - Graffiti art is becoming increasingly more accepted as a form of high art by mainstream societies worldwide. Artists and businesses can stand out to consumers by incorporating intelligent design into the graffiti art and creating unusual and bold imagery. The rising popularity of typography and graphic design has created a wide market of consumers interested in this new art form.