The Amphitruck Can Travel on Both Land and Sea

 - Oct 10, 2013
References: hiconsumption
For those looking for a vehicle that can both haul on land and at sea, check out this Amphitruck by Gibbs Technologies. This vehicle is similar to their past venture, the Quadski, but can now accommodate up to 15 people.

The Amphitruck stands for the 'amphibious truck.' It's equipped with a 500 horsepower turbo diesel engine that is functional on both land and sea. The vehicle also measures 30 feet long and has the ability to switch on a four wheel drive for off-road terrains and with the push of a button, you can switch over to water. The jet system allows this vehicle to travel up to 30 miles an hour over water.

This vehicle is a custom job that, for now, doesn't have a price tag as of yet. Check out more information on the Amphitruck online now.