Défoncé Chocolatier's 2-Squares Box Contains a Total of 10 Mg of THC

 - Jun 17, 2019
References: defonce & candyindustry
Défoncé Chocolatier sets itself apart by creating high-quality edibles with chocolate and cannabis. As its name suggests, the brand's 2-Squares Box features two small chocolate squares, each of which contains just five milligrams of THC and no CBD. These portion-controlled chocolate pieces make it easy for consumers to control the amount of chocolate and cannabis they enjoy in a single serving.

Some of the cannabis-infused, gluten-free flavors that are offered by Défoncé Chocolatier include Vanilla White Chocolate, Mint Milk Chocolate, Matcha Tea White Chocolate and the vegan-friendly Dark Chocolate.

Défoncé Chocolatier also offers a range of other cannabis-infused chocolate products, including bars, bite-sized chocolates that coat berries, nuts and espresso beans. For those who are looking for more than the brand's 2-Squares Box, the chocolatier also sells an 8-Squares Box, which also features five milligrams of THC per square.