The Thanko HD Camcorder Sunglasses are Cheap and Covert

 - Jun 2, 2011
References: & dvice
The Thanko HD Camcorder Sunglasses offer consumers the opportunity to be stealthy and stylish while recording videos in glorious high-definition.

The Thank HD Camcorder Shades contain a camera nestled in the middle of the nose piece which records 720p quality video at 30 frames a second (just about iPhone 4 quality) and shoots 12-megapixel JPGs. The videos and pictures can be recorded on a microSD card and easily transferred to a USB 2.0 that can be plugged into any computer.

These HD Camcorder shades could prove effective in a variety of situations -- snowboarding, skiing, bicycling -- as well as something less athletic, say, a crazy night out with your friends.

Additionally, the Thanko HD Camcorder Sunglasses score in the price department -- the shades retail at a very reasonable $74 USD.