Thai Life Creates a Short Film About How Precious the World Can Be

 - Jul 15, 2012
References: thailife & wimp
This Thai Life insurance video is a short film that's bound to make you feel the blues and want to cry.

To demonstrate how precious life is, Thai Life showcases this reel that's a roller coaster ride of emotions. It tells a tale about the life and relationship between a father and daughter in Thailand. The father is born with a disability that makes him deaf and mute and with no mother figure around, the daughter faces a tough life of communicating with her only family member.

The troubled teen goes through a distressful time in life and can't help the frustrations she has with her father. One day, she attempts suicide, which leaves her loving father crying for mercy. He offers his blood to save her life and in the end she realizes how her father will go to any extent to provide her with a happy life.