'Textual Portraits' by Leslie Nichols Uses a Typewriter to Make Art

Although 'Textual Portraits' subverts the function of a typewriter, artist Leslie Nichols has found a way to create art with the defunct technology. After being gifted a typewriter, Nichols began using it to create meaningful drawings through experimentation.

For Nichols, the use of text and letters in her personal portraits is an allusion to how the lives we lead are often created within our minds. She mentions that identities and labels are self-chosen resulting as a social construction. Nichols has also chosen to only feature women in her work. This symbolizes how women often emerge as strong characters in literary texts and how it is mimicked in real life, when strong women often rise up during difficult times throughout history.

Through meticulously crafting detailed portraits, Nichols is able to repurpose an old technology to make beautiful textual portraits.