Ksenia Schnaider is Using Textile Waste as a Main Source of Fabric for PF19

 - Jan 7, 2019
References: kseniaschnaider & instagram
Ever since creating demi-denims out of vintage denim, Ksenia Schnaider has fully embraced upcycling. Over the years, the brand maintained two Reworked lines: sportswear made out of vintage polyester from the 80s and denim. There has also been the denim fur phenomenon when the brand created a fur-looking coat out of pure denim scraps.

All of the above has attracted a lot of attention to the brand from the mainstream media like Forbes, Vogue, Dazed, i-D and many more and in 2018, the Ukrainian Fashion Week Committee awarded Ksenia Schnaider with the Sustainable Brand of the Year prize.

What's next? For the latest Pre-Fall 2019 collection, Ksenia Schnaider discovered a new opportunity. There are plenty of denim scraps around the lab, which turned out ideal for quilting. Similarly, Ksenia Schnaider started a collaboration with the most prominent local knits factory, Rito, to piece beautiful knits patterns out of its leftovers. In this way, the brand now strives to fight the textile waste of its own and neighboring enterprises by using scraps as the lead material for the Pre-Fall 2019 ready-to-wear collection.