The 'Textbooks of Tomorrow' Infographic Spells it Out

As a university graduate, I understand the pains of lugging around a backpack full of heavy textbooks every day, but according to the 'Textbooks of Tomorrow' infographic, the days of undergraduate back pains may soon be over.

Created by, the illustrated chart shows that more and more schools worldwide are encouraging the use of tablets and e-readers, like the iPad and Kindle, for course readings, assignments, notetaking, and studying. Students seem to be more than ready to accept this digital takeover, with one in four claiming they'd be willing to trade a month's worth of sex for digital textbooks.

The potential for quizzes, games and animation in these futuristic textbooks, as the infographic suggests, is incredibly appealing and would definitely make late-night study sessions a lot more interesting. Whether you're on the fence about the idea, or you're ready to toss those heavy books for a more convenient and transportable alternative, check out the 'Textbooks of Tomorrow' infographic for some clever insight on the topic.