This Textually Active Infographic Breaks Down the Ambiguity

 - Mar 3, 2014
References: scratchwireless
These days, a lot of communication is done via text messages, however there's a lot of ambiguity around what's really being communicated; luckily this text message infographic can break it down for us.

This infographic by Scratch Wireless, aptly called 'Textually Active,' explains how SMS impacts our lives, and what it all really means. It also breaks down, into percentage, who is most likely to say what, and what exactly they are implying. This infographic show us certain psychologies that we may have never realized; like that woman are 54% more likely to say, "I love you" via text, or that the use of a period implies that the topic is not up for discussion anymore.

This infographic visually shows us the impact of texting amongst our generation, and how to translate the peculiar meanings of messages. Next time you're wondering what he really meant by that last message, take a quick look at the infographic to figure it out.