Bob Dylan's Auctioned Poem is a Song by Hank Snow

 - May 25, 2009
References: rollingstone
A two-page poem by a young Bob Dylan just went up on the auction block. Dated from the mid-1950s, this poem written by ‘Bobby Zimmerman’ is available at Christie’s.

This collector’s item titled 'Little Buddy' was penned for the Herzl Herald in Wisconsin. Sources say the young Zimmerman (Bob Dylan) was a camper there.

Experts say, however, that this poem actually draws from a song by country legend Hank Snow. Apparently this is not the first time that Bob Dylan has been found sampling from other sources. He was also found borrowing a few lines from singer John Jacob Niles. This is nothing new for creative types like fashion designers and musicians, who similarly find inspiration through their muses.

Even still, this Bob Dylan poem will likely fetch a pretty penny.