Kuppersbusch Electric Honeycom Cooktop

 - Mar 7, 2007   Updated: Apr 13 2011
References: kuppersbuschusa & ohgizmo
It might cost you $1,750, but the Kuppersbusch Electric Honeycom Cooktop will tech up your kitchen while keeping the class.

Implications - So what sets this apart from other kitchen set ups? For starters, the heated pads are interlocking hexagonal tiles, so the shape itself is already unusual compared to circular stoves most are used to. The seventh tile is an activated control panel which is pretty nifty since it'll be right in your face and easily accessible. Also, the arrangement allows you to use up to 28 layouts depending on your multi-tasking cooking habits. Therefore, all the pots and pans will be heated evenly allowing you to cook more efficiently--if you can manage the varying temperatures well.

So if you want a high-tech stylish stove, the Kuppersbusch Electric Honeycom Cooktop is the way to go--at a price, of course.