This Image Series Highlights Society's Crazy Addiction to Cell Phones

 - Sep 26, 2015
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Photographer Kamil Kotarba created this eerie tech-obsessed photography series that depicts society's addiction to cellphones and technological devices. The series focuses specifically on the reliability on mobile phones.

Our tech-obsessed society has created level of dependence that can only be achieved through constant immersion of our technological devices. The images feature various locations that people are immersed in each day. However, instead of showing people, the images feature a human's arm clutching a cellphone.

The locations include restaurants, theaters and bus stops. There is even a cafe setting showing a group of arms at one table holding cellphones, which shows that society can't experience physical human interaction without checking for updates and other mobile notifications. Cellphones are even used in bathrooms and work and in the most irrelevant places, which are all seen in this image collection.