This Tea and Coffee Machine by Stas Qlare is Futuristic

 - Dec 4, 2018
References: qlare & tuvie
Many of the kitchen appliances on the market are focused on segregation by limiting their functionality to one main purpose, so this conceptual tea and coffee machine by Stas Qlare aims to change this. Sporting a futuristic aesthetic and a multifunctional design, the appliance is capable of creating any kind of coffee beverage you desire as well as any blend of tea. This makes it a universal solution to keep on your countertop that will be used multiple times a day instead of just once, which addresses the need for efficiency in the ever-shrinking consumer kitchen.

The conceptual tea and coffee machine was designed in response to the more than 90% of Europeans who consume both coffee and tea as opposed to the 1.5% and 4.5% that drink only coffee or tea, respectively.