- Mar 9, 2008
References: tuvie
Before you commit to that permanent tattoo of your current infatuation, it might be a good idea to get a visual of what the tat will look like once you have it inked on your ass forever until you die or until you have it removed by laser surgery whichever happens first. Loic Zimmerman, a computer graphics artist, has come up with a program that can help people preview what the tattoo will look like beforehand.

The Tuvie.com Website says, "The program works by scanning all your body to capture body proportions to accurately depict a complex 2-D design on a body's 3-D canvas."

But another problem arises, as it's said on the website, "Even in a 3-D rendering, is that computer models don't age or wrinkle: little design details, lines in close proximityâ€"they all risk blurring into each other when the ink spreads as our bodies grow old."