The World's First Human Tattoo Gallery Featured Inked Human Exhibits

 - Sep 26, 2014
References: spike & backup.dontpaniconline
This human tattoo gallery, set up at the Riflemaker Gallery in London's posh Soho district, featured living, breathing exhibits of inked specimens for people to gawk at and interact with.

The unique exhibition was the brainchild of truTV, which commissioned it to celebrate the second season of the TV show Ink Master, hosted by rock star and tattoo aficionado Dava Navarro.

The gallery also displayed the artwork of numerous world-renowned tattoo artists including Lal Hardy, Alex Horikitsune and 24-year-old rising star Cally-Jo. Their works were displayed alongside 'human canvases', many of whom were recruited via truTV's social media outreach efforts.

While this was the first human tattoo gallery, I don't think it will be the last -- as the human body is the central canvas of tattoo art, it only makes sense to use flesh-and-blood exhibits to display tattoo art.