Q107 Radio Laughs at Deadly Work Injuries

 - Apr 6, 2009
References: adsoftheworld
These new ads for classic rock radio station Q107 show that, "Everything’s Better With Derringer in the Morning."

However, while the salon scenario is funny (everyone is laughing at the atrocious hairdo of the woman, including the woman herself), the other two ads are in very poor taste.

One ad shows the cook at a restaurant on fire while the other shows a construction worker with a huge metal bar that just went through his stomach. In both cases, everyone in the picture is laughing… because you know, they're listening to the incredibly funny radio station.

Even though the intention is quite clear about this being a lighthearted ad, taking deadly work injuries lightly is not OK in my book. Just imagine how someone who has lost a family member in such a scenario would feel when seeing these ads.