Tapigami by Danny Scheible Involve Creatively Sticky Landscapes

 - Nov 25, 2012
References: tapigami & neatorama
At first glance, the art installations known collectively as Tapigami by Danny Scheible, an artist based in Northern California, look as though they are made out of an array of different materials from ice cream cones to windmills. In reality, however, each sculpture making up the imaginative scenes are made using masking tape. Attracted to this medium due to its versatile, accessible, and malleable nature, the American sculptor began to create large-scale installations that redefined its potential.

Made up of over 100 works, Tapigami by Danny Scheible now spans other objects other than gallery installations. Creating items that can be worn, hung or even illuminated, Scheible's work invades people's lives in various ways. That is part of his mission statement, as written on his site: "To spread creativity all over the world."