Tanner Almon Lenses Quirky Yet Melancholic Scenes

Tanner Almon captures wearily witty and moody scenes. The artist's vision sums into a '70s blur of mundane, yet intricate suborn life. The compositional style is seemingly spontaneous, allowing the series a certain energy. Congruently, the lighting and editing techniques achieve a sense of warmth and relatability despite the heavily narrative-based scenes.

Tanner Almon is the quirkiest character in indie photography right now. Not only do his works frequent a twisted nostalgia, but his persona also parallels the vibe of his work. The filmmaker/photographer lives in the West coast with his wife, who frequents as a subject in his photos. Almon's website outlines his personality with an anecdote on a cross country road trip with a gold fish, "Things literally got a bit crazy in Vegas and he nearly drowned on the pavement of a casino parking garage, true story."