The Tanjong Tropical Islands Resort is an Unusual Vacation Spot

 - Dec 26, 2010
References: airspacemag & gizmodo
The Tanjong Tropical Islands Resort brings your holiday right to the aircraft hangar. Located outside of Berlin, the 351-foot building measuring 1,181 feet by 88 feet is the world's largest freestanding structure and encloses several very different activities.

The $110 million CargoLifter AG airship hangar once housed helium heavy machine transport technology before bankruptcy struck and a Malaysian company purchased the structure. Boasting a complete translucent skin, 50,000 trees, 600 feet of beachfront, 3,000 square yards of pools and a nine-story water slide, the Tanjong Tropical Islands Resort is proof that you don't need an atoll or the tropics for an equatorial climate, a rainforest and a humid holiday hot spot.

Photo Credits: Wikipedia