The TAG Heuer Infinite Holds an Infinite Amount of Power

 - Apr 16, 2014
References: engadget & ohgizmo
The TAG Heuer Meridist Infinite phone is a phone that boasts something no other phone can -- an infinite power reserve. The luxury goods maker has come up with a new version for its Meridist line that features a ‘perpetual power reserve.'

TAG Meridist phones may look old-fashioned but they’re the definition of luxury. The new model, the Meridist Infinite, will be released in small order with only 1,911 units being sold, each for $7,000. What makes the phone so expensive is its ability to maintain a charge forever.

The phone lives up to these lofty expectations by housing a solar panel behind the screen, allowing for it to hold a charge whenever it is exposed to real or artificial light sources. The price may be steep but never having to worry about your phone dying is a luxury no other phone offers.