Tablewear by Rose-Pastel is Inspired by Queen Elizabeth

 - May 28, 2014
References: rose-pastel.deviantart & neatorama
Tablewear by Rose-Pastel, a Deviantart user, is not a series of dining decor for the home. Instead, the clever play on words refers to the incorporation of furniture into a fashion design. A cosplay costume made by a master cosplay designer, it was inspired by Elizabethan fashion, specifically a dress worn by Queen Elizabeth herself.

According to Neatorama, Tablewear by Rose-Pastel was born when she " noticed that the Queen's dress was so wide that she could have served a meal off of it." Bringing a touch of whimsy to her concept, the dress is something that could easily be found in the 'Alice and Wonderland' fairy tale. The skirt forms a round table that can be used as a table surface.