The Symbiotic Suitcase Can Be Disassembled for Flexible Travel

 - Feb 20, 2013
In terms of easy transportability, the best that most modern luggage has to offer is a way to clip your bulky carry-on baggage to your large checked item in an overwhelmingly awkward manner. The Symbiotic Suitcase is a well-considered concept that makes every piece that you've got to lug fit together cleverly.

On your way to the check-in desk, your bag can conveniently comprise four different storage areas for your belongings. Firstly, you've got the hard-shell wheeled suitcase with its handy handle. Strapped around would be a backpack and a pair of zip-on sacks. When it comes time to drop off your luggage, the knapsack portion can be comfortably worn and the pouches can be connected to its sides. Yasemin Uyar's Symbiotic Suitcase enables you to transport a great volume of stuff while keeping one hand free at all times in the airport.