The Swedish House Mafia 'Greyhound' Music Clip Features Absolut

The Swedish House Mafia 'Greyhound' track has been chosen to feature Absolut in its music video encompassing an entirely abstract, sci-fi winter sport.

The video features a range of whimsically dressed individuals with retro colors and fancy headgear all pulling up in equally-awesome vehicles in the middle of what seems to be an icy arctic. Already the subliminal message of a chilled cup of vodka is being pressed upon Absolut's target audience. The individuals are from three different groups each having come to watch their robot-wolves race. Each robot-wolf is controlled by men in an alternate location who are using neon-colored hologram displays to control them. If you haven't caught on yet, it's okay... this video is just that abstract. A platter with a bottle of vodka and some grapefruit is shown at the end of the video showing the only drink that could cool such a heated futuristic game down would only come from Absolut.