The Swedish Armed Forces 'Who Cares?' Campaign Makes a Statement

 - May 10, 2012
References: adverblog
In an intensive and media-saturated campaign, the Swedish Armed Forces has approached recruiting in a provocative new way.

Seeking to make a statement about the population's lack of social interaction, the 'Who Cares?' campaign featured and streamed a video of a man who was isolated to a room in central Stockholm. Though viewers of the site could see the man, people could not help him with a virtual Like, a Tweet, nor a Share. In order to help the man, viewers would have to personally show up to the location and elect to take his place. The results of the media-heavy publicity stunt were surprisingly encouraging; 74 people from around Sweden volunteered to sacrifice their own comfort for their fellow citizens.

The controversial campaign not only had a happy ending, but showed that despite an increasingly disconnected social landscape, individuals are still willing to do what it takes to make a difference. Carefully crafted and in tune with concerns of ever-changing communication among people, the Swedish Armed Forces have done an exceptional job with this recruitment campaign.