Mike Campau's 'Swacket' is a Concept for Under Armour

 - Dec 27, 2016
References: mikecampau & abduzeedo
The Swacket concept is the ideal middle ground between two common outdoor clothing items. Designed for Under Armour, the Swacket is part sweater and part jacket (hence the portmanteau in its name.)

The benefit of such a hybrid piece of clothing is that it solves a common weather conundrum. In rainy places like the Pacific northwest, having good rain gear is a necessity. Lugging around a raincoat on the chance that rain will begin to fall is far from convenient, but getting stuck in the rain without any protection is even worse. The Swacket eliminates both of these scenarios. The piece is designed with an interior fleece like a zip-up hoodie, but its outer material is made from water-resistant nylon that keeps people dry and warm in the rain.