Suzy Lelievre Deforms All Sort of Common Products to Create New Items

 - Nov 17, 2011
References: & thisiscolossal
It's beautiful to fall into the trap of giving life to material things, as shown by the French designer Suzy Lelièvre. Her sculptures and work are composed of pieces that seem to become alive for a few seconds and then revert back to their original inert state. This alteration of shape is evident in the way the artist creates and plays with the objects.

Lelièvre uses everything from furniture to sponges to produce pieces that question concepts such as rigidity and movements. For example, one of her designs consists of two tables that happen to have collided with each other. Therefore, she recreates the collision by incorporating them in a way that one corner of one of the tables seems to be stuck into the other one by the way both tables become all wrinkled.

Suzy Lelièvre deforms objects to add a whole new dimension and personification to reality.