Suzanne Geary Creates Sharply Detailed Household Drawings

 - Jan 2, 2013
References: relaxmammal.tumblr & booooooom
Suzanne Geary is a 21-year-old senior in illustration at the Rhode Island School of Design with a penchant for detailed drawings showcasing domestic lifestyles.

In her collection of bedrooms, bachelor apartments and living rooms, Suzanne Geary captures an idealized and beautiful series of homesteads, each one ostensibly different (messy, clean, big, small, adorned with electronics, unadorned), but similar in providing a look into the personal lives of people who could be our neighbors or family members.

One of Suzanne Geary's best skills is her ability to portray these fictional people and apartments as though they are our own, solely by ensuring her characters are doing the kind of everyday things one tends to do in their apartment when alone: watching television, looking forlornly out the window, sitting, stressed out in a messy room, a mostly empty pizza box nearby.

These kind of details create a genuine sense of intimacy, and it's this delicate touch that augurs well for Suzanne Geary's future as an illustrator and artist.