Myeongbeom Kim Works with Balloons and Branches in Creative Ways

 - Jun 12, 2015
References: myeongbeomkim & beautifuldecay
Myeongbeom Kim is an artist who specializes in surreal installations. Focusing on playful balloons and stripped branches, he is often playing with a theme of life and growth. Although there is definitely something quiet and even moody about some of his sculptures, it's hard not to appreciate the fun aspects especially when they involve such unexpected elements as balloons.

But it's these elements that make the surreal installations so surreal. Beautiful Decay observes, "In an incredible piece of Kim’s, a cloud of bright, red balloons float while a tree trunk and roots miraculously come forth from its cluster. This displacement of nature found in his work creates a dialogue with the viewer, evoking questions of life, death, and nature’s place in our lives."