Takeo Doman Combines Vibrant Color with Black and White Elements

 - Aug 24, 2016
References: takeodoman.jp & fubiz.net
Takeo Doman is an artist from Osaka, Japan, with a talent for creating surreal illustrations that speak to a variety of different subjects.

The majority of his recent works however tend to consider the world through a cynical lens -- depicting humans in situations of supreme sadness. A standout example of this includes the image of a man trapped in a jar, who is shown crouched down with his head between his knees. Another shows a rogue hand throwing up the middle finger, which is surrounded with vibrant butterfly wings.

By combining colorful components with black and white, Takeo Doman's surreal illustrations are especially eye-catching -- given that his viewers are left to interpret how the different themes interact with one another and consider which one is meant to be reality.