The Images by Thinkhouse & Kevein Goss-Ross Use Surreal Elements

 - Sep 27, 2015
References: lostateminor
Dublin-based photographer from South Africa Kevin Goss-Ross collaborated with Thinkhouse to capture these highly creative portraits that embody surreal elements. The entire series focuses on out-of-the box thinking, creativity and differentiation.

Kevin Goss-Ross combined his experiences from both Africa and Ireland to create a truly unique way to represent the world and those who live within it. The images present characters wearing masks and bathing in clothes while wearing bunny ears.

Overall, the surreal elements is each scene aim to create a "juxtaposition of the normal and the surreal -- from iconic barbers and butchers of Dublin to the lakes and deserts of South Africa." This untamed photography series brings forth a new way to thinking as it embraces the things society deems strange while allowing the creators to unleash their inner emotions through their preferred artistic expressions.