This Surgical Device Allows For Speedy Recovery After Heart Surgeries

 - Jul 20, 2016
References: harpoonmedical & gizmag
A group of engineers and scientists working out of Harpoon Medical, based in Baltimore, Maryland, have designed an exceptionally high-tech surgical device that is designed to both reduce the amount of time that heart patients spend on the operating table whilst also allowing them to continue their recovery at home the very next day following a heart operation.

The Harpoon TSD-5 is capable of entering the heart through a very small puncture in the patient's ribcage and can be guided to the damaged areas of the heart by way of echo-cardiographic imaging. It can then install artificial material through the damaged heart flap while the heart is still beating, so a heart-lung bypass machine isn't required as is often the case.

This is truly a wonderful surgical device that is capable of both improving surgery outcomes and also making heart surgeons' work a little easier.