This Nutrition Bar Supports Digestive Health and Overall Well-Being

'Fruit d’Or' recently launched a cranberry snack bar that supports digestive health and promotes overall nutrition. For health-conscious consumers, nutrition bars are a convenient snack option. This cranberry-flavored snack bar provides a healthy dose of protein, prebiotics and probiotics.

The new 'Pro Cran' probiotic bar is infused with nutrient-rich cranberry seed powder. Cranberry seeds are rich in fiber and protein, which is crucial for ensuring proper nutrition. However, the addition of cranberry seeds also helps support digestive health because they contain active probiotic cultures. Not only are the bars a healthy snack choice, but they are also delicious. The Pro Cran bars are coated with a layer of vanilla yogurt, which helps to temper the tart taste of cranberries.

The Fruit d’Or cranberry bars offer a probiotic boost not found in other snack bars.