These Sukaikun Artworks Feature Environments That Almost Seem Alive

 - Mar 17, 2011
References: sukaikun.deviantart &
Good anime artists are typically capable of creating art with brilliantly vibrant characters and environments, but few ever manage to achieve the breathtaking 3D look of Sukaikun artworks.

Whether it's bubbles rising gracefully to the surface of the ocean, beams of light filtering into a room or flower petals floating down to the ground, subjects of Sukaikun artworks seem to transcend the two-dimensional confines of their medium in order to draw the user in.

What really surprises me about these Sukaikun artworks, however, is how the technical mastery behind them manages to be appealing even to those who aren't normally inclined to be impressed by anime. Without a doubt, when an artist is able to manage that feat, it is a serious sign of artistic ability.