This Understated SUGAWA IONWOOD Store Showcases the Product

 - Dec 7, 2015
SUGAWA IONWOOD is a new Chinese brand that is the first in the world to manufacture anion flooring. Anion floors are a system of wood flooring designed to purify the air and in order to communicate this, the SUGAWA IONWOOD boutique experience is based around the concept of exploring the five senses.

The space, although austere in terms of decor, is a comfortable environment that places the shopper's attention on the experience of the product. Cabinets from which samples of the flooring slide out side on the shop's floor, with a single cashier's desk made from a raw tree trunk sits at the back.

The SUGAWA IONWOOD retail concept is entitled 'Breathe Forest Air,' which aims to replicate the air purifying qualities of the flooring in the space.