The Amazake Sugary Cereal is Meant to be Consumed With Milk and Sake

 - Apr 17, 2016
References: japantrendshop
The Amazake Sweet Sake Granola is an Asian-inspired take on the sugary cereal that adapts the eating routine to accommodate foods and flavors popularized in Japan. The granola is designed to be eaten with equal parts of sake and milk to create a sweet boozy breakfast meal that is further flavored with sweet notes of tea. The twist on granola is customized to offer consumers a popular breakfast food with a twist geared to Asian food flavors.

Granola is a a popular cereal cluster breakfast option often selected for its healthier food benefits. The Amazake Sweet Sake Granola is made with baked oats, red beans, green tea leaves and infused with the flavor of sticky rice to incorporate popular tastes found in Asian cuisine. The granola is then meant to be eaten with milk and sweet sake.