This Artist Lives in a Subterranean Home Beneath the Ground

 - Nov 4, 2015
Dan Price is an Oregon-based artist who lives in a sustainable subterranean home. While many architects have experimented with eco-friendly designs, these structures are usually located above ground. This unusual home allows one man to live a sustainable lifestyle underneath the surface of the earth.

The home is located in a meadow in Joseph, Oregon. Although Price originally had an above-ground structure installed on the property, he tore down the building after he was robbed through his skylight. The incident caused Price to move his entire home underground, where he has lived ever since. The home is designed for sustainable living and features a composting toilet, a propane-powered shower and a wood pipe sauna. The home is not connected to the city water supply, but Price is able to access his own line of spring water.

The unusual subterranean home demonstrates how consumers can live sustainably beneath the ground.