The Magnat LZR 980 Style Headphones are Designed by Pininfarina

 - Apr 25, 2017
References: yankodesign
Merging advanced technology with Italian design, the Magnat LZR 980 style headphones have the ability to make your listening experience far more immersive thanks to expert engineering.

The Magnat LZR 980 headphones are the design work of Pininfarina, which is the Italian car design brand behind Ferrari. This explains the contoured aesthetic of the headset that makes each pair a joy to admire and use for listening to music while at home or during time spent outside of the house.

The Magnat LZR 980 style headphones are designed in four color options including white, silver, gold and metallic black. Each of the headsets are designed with precision audio drivers from Magnat that offer extensive capabilities when it comes to ensuring music sounds as good as possible.