The UKs Four Legged Stumpy Reaches Stardom

 - Apr 4, 2007
References: bbc
How many toxins are we pumping into the water? We continue to see examples of animal mutation. Are mutations on the rise? Or is the mutation media simply more viral.

In this case, Stumpy is a four-legged duck, hatched at Warrawee Duck Farm in Copythorne, who has won massive affection in the UK, a nation of animal lovers. The rare mutation has left the bird with two legs behind the two he runs about on. Stumpy would not have survived in the wild, but is now grown into a full-size duck and is very tame. Sadly for Stumpy he will not be allowed to roam free "as his back legs stick out and could get caught in brambles and I might never find him."

Instead Stumpy's proud owners have a another plan; "We're making a very big pen for him to make sure he is kept safe and he has been paired up with Alice - he seems a very happy duck."

Stumpy I salute you!