The Studio H:T Shipping Container House is Compact

 - Apr 15, 2012
References: studioht & gizmag
The Studio H:T Shipping Container House questions the need for elaborate and wasteful space in a home, and is mainly constructed from two shipping crates.

A traditionally built living space comprises the main part of the abode, and is sandwiched between two large containers that have been repurposed to act as sleeping quarters and an office space. Located in Colorado, the home features lofty interiors and operates completely off-grid -- meaning it doesn't rely on traditional electrical energy to power it.

While the home does make extensive use of solar power, green roofs and passive cooling methods, it is not completely self-sufficient and uses a pellet stove for heating.

The design aesthetic of the home is as unique as its components, and features asymmetrical shapes that rest among local rock formations. Despite being compact and composed of unconventional materials, the home is comfortable and boasts a great view of the Colorado mountain ranges.